Continuous monitoring across the entire portfolio enables us to see around corners

Major retail and SME banking institution needed to manage its portfolio's quality and profitability via the smart monitoring process. This means focusing on clients with any negative indication instead of monitoring the entire portfolio
It is impossible to carry out detailed monitoring of the entire portfolio continuously. For this reason, delegating this task to our AI-powered Anomaly Detection Framework (ADF) allows to spot emerging risk and make informed decisions. ADF uncovers hidden insights in real-time and surfaces anomalies through a visual dashboard for further exploration. Thus, ADF reduces the time required to detect and resolve critical values from days/hours to minutes/seconds.
Since the deployment, ADF carries out continuous portfolio monitoring across the entire portfolio. Our Anomaly Detection Framework enabled to obtain a reliable early warnings system to 'see around corners,' protecttP&L from surprises, and smoothing volatility bites.

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