Scheduling process of inspectors is automated and can be done in 10 minutes instead of 6 hours

TÜV SÜD, a global inspection and auditing company, administers a complex scheduling process of allocating teams of inspectors to factory pre-shipment inspections, dispatching inspectors from several hubs across China. The challenge was to develop a scheduling solution to provide optimal schedules while considering complex business rules, travel conditions, and massive demand throughout the peak season.
We customized our Optimus 4.0. Optimus 4.0 is is an algorithm-based optimization engine that has the power and flexibility to deal with the most challenging efficiency and optimization problems. The platform takes over complex operations that cannot be managed with off-the-shelf solutions or Excel sheets.
Thus, our optimization algorithms enabled dynamic planning and team re-assembly scheduling of hundreds of inspectors across China within minutes. Nowadays, the scheduling process is done by one person in ten minutes rather than twelve operators in six hours. As a result, TÜV SÜD is now able to scale up the business and offer premium services in peak season and has decreased its scheduling costs by 80% and operational costs by 10%.

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