Personal IDs checked and mined in a few seconds

Zonky, a Czech peer-to-peer lending company, wanted to decrease the number of back-office workers who were manually transcribing information from many personal IDs of new clients into databases during a registration process.
We deployed ReeDee, our platform utilizing artificial intelligence to extract and validate data from personal IDs, driving licenses, bank account statements, PDFs, and many other documents in real-time. ReeDee extracts needed text and data, checks document consistency, and validates the extracted data across databases. And as a proper intelligent computer system, ReeDee is continuously evolving and learning.
ReeDee automated more than 50% of the user registration process, corresponding to the workload of ~ 10 FTE. The system reads all information within seconds and thus significantly speeds up the consumer loan onboarding process. Since Zonky uses ReeDee, all IDs are processed automatically using AI, with only problematic and unreadable IDs requiring a human-driven process.

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