TASP - Intelligent Optimization Platform

Schedule in minutes, guarantee business rules compliance, save costs, and scale up your business

Optimize logistic operations in dynamically changing environment

Increase utilisation of human, virtual or physical resources, leading to cost savings

Ensure compliance with both legal and business requirements imposed on your business

Improve the current, heavy-weighted scheduling process, leading to higher efficiency and ability to respond fast to changes

Uses the latest, state-of-the-art algorithms to create, evaluate and further improve tens of possible plans in a fraction of a second

After a couple of seconds, you will know that it is possible to create a plan that follows all business rules and constraints. After less than a minute, you will get a plan that is most likely better than what you have created manually. Allow the tool to run for several minutes to achieve a close-to-optimal solution and boost your KPIs.

Higher quality of the resulting schedule. Measures of quality is defined by the client.

Costs reduction: plan execution is cheaper than it used to be

Accepting more work/business with the same amount of resources

Time/effort needed to perform scheduling reduced significantly

Higher compliance with business rules, legal or internal requirements



Blindspot developed an AI-aided optimization logistics planning solution to propose cost-efficient supply routes adhering to tight delivery constraints with manual reconfiguration of the routes.



Blindspot designed a customized algorithm able to schedule activities of hundreds of inspectors visiting thousands of places, dramatically reducing costs and increasing inspectors’ utilization.



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