MACULA - Intelligent video analysis platform

Enhance your safety & security and monitor business through existing camera solution

MACULA covers a wide range of safety and security scenarios as well as measurements of business performance. Be it fire and smoke detection, monitoring of compliance with safety regulations, identification of weirdly behaving customers, or utilization of your local store, MACULA observes it all. Thanks to the capabilities of the platform, your employees will work safely, your clients will be more secure, and your business will fully utilize its premises.

MACULA works in real time and in various infrastructure settings

MACULA platform detects all events in real time, allowing instant response (important especially in the safety & security scenarios). MACULA is designed to run on edge devices, processing all video streams locally. However, MACULA can also process videos from cloud repositories or other storages collecting all data in one place.

The architecture allows to forward the events to other systems. But MACULA is designed to be an all-in-one stand-alone platform, covering the whole business process.

Key Performance Indicators

Real-time people tracking and behavior classification.

Ability to process multiple streams in parallel.

Streamlining the video analytics process.

Visualization and explanation of the events detected.


Major Czech Bank

We installed MACULA in a major Czech bank to monitor security at one of the main local branches. MACULA detected a number of anomalous behaviors and increased awareness of the security with respect to the atypical behavior of bank customers.

Major Czech Bank


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