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    Optimized inter-warehouse transportation resulted in transportation cost reduction

    Continental Barum wanted to minimize the inter-warehouse transportation required to collect all ordered items of a particular order dispatching. We developed a new tire distribution algorithm and a web-based application that suggests where to store the produced items to minimize the future need for inter-warehouse transportation. More orders can be dispatched from a single warehouse directly, limiting the inter-warehouse transit to a minimum. Inter-warehouse transportation costs have decreased.

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    Automated and increased insurance fraud detection

    ČSOB Pojišťovna, part of KBC Group and the fifth-largest insurer in the Czech Republic, wanted to innovate its fraud-detection process to increase fraud-detection efficiency, decrease false positives, and protect itself from evolving fraud activity. When applied to the historical claims data, our ADF automated the fraud-detection process, allowing analysts to concentrate on relevant cases, reducing false positives by 60%, increasing operational efficiency, and improving the customer experience.

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    Optimization of FMCG delivery routes and saved travel costs

    A Czech food company wanted to digitize the logistics planning process, optimize its existing delivery routes, and plan new ones. Since using Optimus 4.0, they have standardized logistics planning and optimized the delivery routes of final goods, resulting in 30% cost savings. It has also allowed business expansion, permitting the company to expand into new regions flawlessly.

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    Anti-covid measures monitoring in a retail chain

    A German retail chain wanted to comply with safety and security measures. Customized Macula detects customers correctly wearing face masks and continuously monitors store capacity. It alerts the staff when capacity exceeds the permitted threshold. Thanks to Macula, the store could replace security staff at the entrance and saved 2,500 – 4,000 EUR per store location per month.

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    The basic customer query completed within 10 seconds

    A European-based, peer-to-peer lending platform provider deployed ARIS in their customer service operations. ARIS was able to categorize more than 80% of the messages correctly from day one and provide ready-to-send answers for 75% of them. This resulted in 60% of all incoming messages solved with minimal human input. Now it takes only 10 seconds on average to complete the basic customer query.

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    A mobile provider decreased subscription fraud by 30%

    Despite an implemented rule-based system and background check for new customers, one of the top Czech mobile providers suffered with subscription fraud (customers not paying for services and hardware) and struggled to reduce it. Thanks to ML FDS enhancing risk management and empowering the fraud prevention process with AI, they prevented roughly 30% of fraud, which secured an ROI within the 1st year. The system adapts itself to new fraud automatically as new data arrives.

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    Complete visibility in company workforce across the organization

    A major CEE provider of HR and payroll agenda software are committed to the constant innovation of their products and solutions to be one step ahead of their client needs and requirements. We have demonstrated how to leverage data from attendance, business trips to make better business decisions, automate attendance approval or get a full view of talent, labor, and costs. Top management and others have insightful workforce analytics and timesheet approval, and compliance monitoring is automated.

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    Artificial intelligence helps ŠKODA AUTO with the best space utilization of containers

    ŠKODA AUTO is continuously improving its products and customer service. However, the car manufacturer is not lagging even with increasing efficiency and optimizing all processes. Thanks, to the OPTIKON application that emerged through our cooperation, the car manufacturer optimizes container space with artificial intelligence. The application maximizes containers' loading capacity by computing the optimal number of different pallet types used and the best way to place them into a container. In the first half of 2020 alone, the application helped ŠKODA AUTO save 151 container shipments, which corresponds to 80 tons of CO2 emissions.

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    Continuous monitoring across the entire portfolio enables us to see around corners

    A major retail and SME banking institution needed to manage the quality and profitability of its portfolio via the smart monitoring process. This means focusing on clients with any negative indication instead of monitoring the entire portfolio. We have delivered a solution to carry out continuous portfolio monitoring across the entire portfolio. This allowed for a reliable early warnings system to 'see around corners', protecting P&L from surprises and smoothing volatility bites.

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    Monitoring of anti-covid measures in private clinics

    We deployed the video analytics solution Macula in health clinics in Dubai. Macula has been running 24 hours a day from September without any interruptions or complaints from the customers or clinic owners. It is connected to multiple cameras observing clinic entrances and exits. It automatically counts people within the clinic and reminds people entering the clinic without a face mask to wear one, allowing the clinic to remain in accordance with government regulations for covid-19.

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    Personal IDs checked and mined in a few seconds

    In Zonky (a Czech peer-to-peer lending company), ReeDee automated more than 50% of the user registration process. The system reads all information within seconds and thus significantly speeds up the consumer loan onboarding process. Since Zonky uses ReeDee, all IDs are processed automatically using AI, with only problematic and unreadable IDs requiring a human-driven process.

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