Samkonsult Prepares Construction Documentation 20% Faster Using AI Solution AskYourData for Regulatory Research

Samkonsult Prepares Construction Documentation 20% Faster Using AI Solution AskYourData  for Regulatory Research


Challenge: Quickly research vast construction regulations to ensure 100% compliance.

In the highly regulated construction sector, compiling project documentation requires meticulous attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of laws, regulations, and standards. Samkosult, an innovative Swedish consulting firm in the real estate and construction industry, was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of gathering and verifying the necessary information for their projects. For example, a consultant would be faced with a question such as: “What are the correct dimensions and properties for school doors within a specific region that would comply with construction laws, school regulations, and fire hazard standards?” To find the answer, the consultant would have to sift through a myriad of documents and often would require additional verification from external lawyers.This process was not only time-consuming but required a lot of care to avoid any errors, which could lead to costly penalties or corrections down the line. 


Solution: Generative AI reads through thousands of pages within seconds

To address these challenges, Samkosult turned to Blindspot AI (Adastra AI) to explore if generative AI could help. We deployed AskYourData, an intelligent virtual assistant designed to revolutionize the way professionals access and verify information. By integrating AskYourData into their workflow, Samkosult's experts could now query vast amounts of data from various sources through a single chat window. 


AskYourData streamlined the research process by providing access to:


  • Laws and regulations stored in local SharePoint as PDF files.
  • An internal repository of completed projects for reference.
  • Websites hosting court resolutions on construction disputes.


Additional online resources with relevant laws and regulations.AskYourData's advanced generative AI capabilities allowed Samkosult's team to specify the context of their queries, ensuring that the results were relevant and accurate. The platform automatically referenced the original sources, enabling experts to verify the information's validity quickly.


Results: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Forward-Thinking Reputation 

  • By leveraging AskYourData, Samkonsult's experts achieved the following improvements:
  • Significantly reduced the time required to compile project documentation, with a 30% increase in speed compared to manual research methods.
  • Enhanced accuracy in the documentation process, reduced the risk of errors and the need for costly corrections. 
  • Reduced expenses associated with external lawyer consultations by 20%. Fast and easy access to regulatory information allowed for more efficient internal verification processes. By deploying AskYourData, Samkosult enhanced operational efficiency and documentation accuracy and solidified its reputation as a forward-thinking and continuously innovating company. Siavash Ehsanzamir

Client quote

In our industry, accuracy is non-negotiable because mistakes carry a high cost. Deploying AskYourData helped us in our research into a streamlined, efficient process, providing instant access to vital information and navigating us through all the local Swedish building laws, standards, and codes. Use of AI is inevitable and sooner or later it will be widely adopted, we feel the sooner we adopt AI the sooner we will gain knowledge and understanding in how we can save costs and be more efficient.

- Siavash Ehsanzamir, Co Founder & Managing Partner, Samkonsult 


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