Private clinics in UAE wanted and needed to comply with the restrictions related to the covid pandemics like limited allowed capacity of people, wearing face masks, etc. So clinics needed a solution that would run 24/7 without interruptions and could be connected to multiple cameras in the buildings.
We customized our Macula, a video-analytics platform. Macula is a ready-to-use AI-powered real-time safety and security video analytics solution covering a wide range of scenarios and measurements of business performance.
Macula runs on-premise and fully offline. The video stream is processed in real-time. No information about the customers, pictures, or videos is stored during the computation. Therefore, Macula is compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations enforced in Europe and the rest of the world.
Macula is connected to multiple cameras observing clinic entrances and exits at the clinics. It counts people within the clinic and reminds those without a face mask to wear one, allowing the clinic to remain in accordance with government regulations for covid-19.

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