OKsystem, a major CEE provider of HR and payroll agenda software are committed to the constant innovation of their products and solutions to be one step ahead of their client needs and requirements.
By deploying and customizing our ADF (Anomaly Detection Framework), we have demonstrated how to leverage data from attendance and business trips to make better business decisions, automate attendance approval or get a full view of talent, labor, and costs. ADF processes a comprehensive set of time series and data clusters. Thanks to a wide range of algorithms that leverage statistical and machine learning methods it is able to report various information, significant outliers or clusters in real-time through a visual dashboard for further exploration.
HR agenda of the company is now automated and simplified. That provides complete visibility in the company workforce across the organization. The top management has insightful workforce analytics. Line managers gained automated timesheet approvals, anomaly detection, and retention risk trends. And the HR department now has automated compliance monitoring and talent management.

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