Our enterprise optimization platform enabled to solve large-scale industrial challenges

A large manufacturer had a need of a scalable, efficient and secure enterprise optimization platform that would be able to optimize a wide range of industrial optimization problems.

We architected and deployed Optimus 4.0 as a platform in customers’ cloud environment, including SDKs to enable developers to develop and deploy 3rd party solutions. Optimus 4.0 optimizes a wide range of complex operations within minutes, guarantees business rule compliance, saves costs, and scales up your business.


Optimus 4.0 is an enterprise software platform utilizing state-of-the-art optimizing algorithms. On the top of the platform, we build and deploy resource and asset scheduling software solutions, versatile and robust enough to tackle any issue. This platform has the power and flexibility to deal with efficiency and optimization challenges in the most demanding operations.

The manufacturer now has a scalable enterprise platform enabling to solve large-scale industrial optimization problems with easier deployment, fast prototyping.


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