We support our clients by providing a range of ready-made products

Based on clients’ business needs and challenges, we provide out-of-the-box, customizable, and easy-to-integrate products.

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We support our clients in digital transformation by providing a range of ready-made products for business and operations optimization. These products cover needs in different areas, be it process automation, data mining or anomaly detection.

ADF – Anomaly detection framework - icon

ADF – Anomaly detection framework

Find unlabeled anomalies that surface in real-time on a dashboard for further exploration, wading through big and small datasets. Our anomaly detection framework is reusable across departments such as insurance, telco, manufacturing, finance, and others.

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Customer support automation - icon

Customer support automation

Automate your customer service with our intelligent multi-channel message inbox. The platform builds upon the latest technologies in natural language processing to classify incoming messages, prepare responses, and perform actions automatically.

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MACULA - Intelligent video analysis - icon

MACULA - Intelligent video analysis

Enhance the safety of your customers and employees with our advanced real-time video analytics solution. Macula can detect a wide range of safety and security events, help with restrictions related to covid-19, measure business performance on a given location, and reveal customer satisfaction.

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ML FDS – Fraud detection system - icon

ML FDS – Fraud detection system

Prevent fraud and misconduct in your business. We developed a modern automated solution to detect fraudulent events in various data and businesses, be it application fraud, insurance fraud, accounting fraud, or others.

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OptiSuite – Intelligent optimization platform - icon

OptiSuite – Intelligent optimization platform

Optimize the planning of complex processes and operations, assets, routes in the long and short term. OptiSuite helps with optimization in seconds or minutes in areas such as production, logistics, planning and can handle even the most stringent constraints and planning challenges.

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OptiFit - Intelligent loading software - icon

OptiFit - Intelligent loading software

Optimize your container and vehicle loading, as well as the arrangement of warehouses or better filling of boxes. OptiFit takes into account the dimensions and properties of the load and the goods and calculates its best distribution in space.

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OptiPlan - Automated and real-time optimized workforce scheduling system - icon

OptiPlan - Automated and real-time optimized workforce scheduling system

Get the best possible plans and schedules for employees and shifts in large and complex operations or branch networks. OptiPlan takes into account any restrictions, requirements or vacations and, if necessary, reschedules everything quickly. It is also currently helping against the spread of covid-19.

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OptiRoute - Automated planning system for logistics processes and routes - icon

OptiRoute - Automated planning system for logistics processes and routes

Maximize  the  efficiency  of  your logistics through state-of-the-art algorithms and make it greener within a minute. OptiRoute saves your shipments and delivery costs, optimizes your truck routes and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

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ReeDee – Smart document reader  - icon

ReeDee – Smart document reader

Transform a wide range of documents from analog to digital form, check document consistency and detect fraud. Our fast, robust, and reliable ReeDee, an intelligent computer system, processes all of the above within a few seconds.

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