We help companies identify areas suitable for applying AI

We define and scope the problem, suggest the best approach. We can quickly dive into the required data and understand its quality and suitability.

What we do


We support our clients on their digital transformation and innovation journey, and we are their partner from the first step. Our expertise enables us to help them through a wide range of services.


We know how to identify and scope technical challenges. Let us help you understand your data's potential and identify such AI methods that can deliver a significant added value. We will assist in defining a company AI strategy and prioritize projects based on value analysis.


Diving deep into your data, we deliver a comprehensive report describing the potential and hidden means they hold. We pre-validate whether the data are suitable for the challenge to be addressed. Working with a wide range of technologies, any digitized input is fine for us.


Having defined a problem and pre-validated data, we work quickly to deliver our clients a proof of concept which validates our approach, quantifies the potential of the provided dataset, allows us to estimate the exact costs of a production-ready solution, helps the client to see the value and get early feedback by playing with the proof of concept prototype.


We deliver a software solution of production-grade quality, including data integration, APIs, and a user interface. We can host the solution on our or the client's infrastructure or hand over the system entirely. Customized maintenance and support agreements are included.


We build custom AI teams typically consisting of a project manager, front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers and testers, and world-class AI developers to deliver an AI-powered product or service, keeping the clients one step ahead of the competition.


Thanks to our many years of expertise in machine learning, we will help you select, deploy, and set up a platform for managing machine learning models. Leave the management, storage, and monitoring of models to us. Your data scientists will have more time to bring value to your business. We will help you with the deployment of platforms: MLFlow, Dataiku, Azure Machine Learning, AWS Machine Learning Services, Databricks, Google Cloud AI Platform and others.

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