We help companies harness the power of artificial intelligence

We employ top software engineers with experience from companies like Oracle, Amazon, Facebook, and other technology giants.

Blindspot.AI is a dynamic and globally operating software company based in Prague. Since 2017, we have been a member of Adastra Group.

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    Years in the market

    We have been delivering end-to-end implementations of AI systems for multinational companies and startups for more than ten years.

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    We employ professionals (Ph.D., MSC.) with experience from leading corporations and recruit top AI talent at the world´s best universities.

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    Projects delivered

    We successfully delivered tens of small and complex AI projects all around the world.


Our team

We deliver end-to-end implementations of AI systems for multinational companies and startups. Our colleagues have PhDs (Math, AI, Computer Science) from Cambridge, Imperial College, CTU, and others. Combining this, we are a strong team with many competencies and can solve different business problems and cases using AI and ML. Our team is within the top 1% of talent from the Czech Technical University (FEE, Open informatics) and other leading technical universities.

  • Ondřej Vaněk

    Co-founder, CEO of Blindspot AI

    Former researcher in the area of applied AI. He focuses on discovering and addressing business opportunities solvable by the application of AI.

  • Štěpán Kopřiva

    Co-founder, CEO of Adastra Czech Republic

    Engineer through education and entrepreneur at heart. He has long-term experience in solving business problems by deploying ML (e.g,Industrial applications and products).

  • Michal Pěchouček

    Co-founder, CTO of Gen

    Professor of computer science at the Czech  Technical University in Prague.  He is  a reputable  authority  in  AI  and  machine  learning and  broadly  experienced  in leading  technical research teams​.​


We believe in

Our values and approach

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    Offering more than a handshake

    We are here to understand our clients and show that investment in the future is worth it. Through listening and striving toward mastery of our approaches and solutions, we are a long-term and trustworthy partner and honest advisor on any digitization and innovation journey.

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    We are Bringing our ‘A’ game

    We aim to deliver high-quality work in everything we do. Due to our experts’ constant skill-enhancement, we provide solutions that go beyond the usual and solve our clients’ most complex business needs worldwide and cross-industry.

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    Staying curious and open-minded

    Our work is our greatest passion as well as endless challenges. Thus, we are all committed to continuous investment in growth. We never stop exploring, learning, sharing know-how, and looking for constant improvement and innovation.

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