For start-ups

Do you need to develop a technology-heavy killer app to disrupt the market? Do you need to develop a full stack app which scales, provides awesome front end and intelligent algorithms at the backend?

You feel you need to analyze data or apply the latest innovation from the field of the artificial intelligence, however, you are not sure. The deadlines are crazy and you have a limited number of professionals in-house. We love the excitement of start-ups, their tight schedule, and their unrealistic aspirations coming true. Give us a call and we can work things out really quickly.

For established companies

The technology goes forward in giant leaps and you need to innovate to be competitive. We will deploy some of our solutions or develop a brand new application for you to keep you up to speed.

We can revamp your logistics processes, redesign the cargo routes. We can plan your production processes or the way inspections are carried out by your employees. We love to deploy solutions on global scale or disrupt tens of years old business processes full of paperwork. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your challenges.

For government organizations

We love the visionaries in government organizations who want to change the world. And if they find a brave sponsor to support their ideas, the last piece of the puzzle is us, the company to develop the solution.

End the war on drugs? Transport blood in Africa with drones? Save the mangrove forests in Nigeria? Help to catch the pirates in the Indian Ocean? We want to change the world with you. We are not building schools nor water wells. But software? Yes, we are in. Do not hesitate to contact us and think what we can achieve together.

For ourselves and our clients

Except the on-demand software development we have also developed our own full stack software solutions. We love data analysis, we love playing with image recognition and with cameras, we want to catch all the bad guys with game theory and we want to give our scheduling software into the hands of every operator around the world.

Are you interested? Then stop by and have and have a chat.

Machine Learning Solutions

We are providing end to end solutions for hard data science problems

We analyse company’s data and propose methods to extract maximal business value. We develop novel algorithms or use existing ones and apply them to solve defined problems. We implement a production ready solution and integrate it within the customer’s infrastructure.

Technologies used

We are typically scripting ML projects in Python by using the scikit-learn packages and presenting first results in Jupyter, we like to use R for quick data assessment. Production-ready systems are built in Java / Scala with a connector to Python if necessary. For big data in production we are using Spark and Kafka.

Use case: Crime analysis module for Avata Intelligence

Avata Intelligence (formerly Armorway) has developed a platform for intelligence-led policing that incorporates data visualization, crime prediction, and optimal resource deployment strategies. We collaborated in creating an analytics module which combined environmental and demographical datasets with crime events revealing trends and patterns of criminals.

Examples of implemented solutions

Advanced user and entity behavior analytics framework able to continuously digest huge datasets and detect anomalies.

Anomaly detection platform for banking allowing the bank to quickly assess credibility of both existing and new customers.

Development of framework for customer churn prediction as well as for employee churn/disengagement prediction.

Analysis of customer shopping behavior in order to recommend a shopping basket and relevant items to buy.

Mathematical Optimization

We provide large companies with software optimizing their operations

In many situation the companies need to optimize the utilization of their employees and assets, being it vehicles for the delivery of goods, auditors and inspectors for audits or processing time of the processors at the computation units. Leveraging our knowledge in mathematical optimization and machine learning, we can provide customized algorithms providing the most efficient solutions, scaling to thousands of units and able to find cost-efficient schedules in minutes.

Technologies used

Typically, the designed algorithm can be expressed as a mathematical program and we use either commercial solvers, such as IBM CPLEX to find a solution or we use one of the free open-source solutions, such as OptaPlanner, GLPK and others. In some cases, we deliver a tailored algorithm, designed for the specific problem, thus vastly outperforming generic solvers (both free and commercial).

Use case: Optimizing Inspectors in Greater China Region

One of the leading global notified bodies requires to schedule its inspectors in various regions around the world. We designed a customized algorithm taking into account different constraints of different business lines. The algorithm is able to schedule activities of hundreds of inspectors visiting thousands of places; all within minutes. The solution helped to dramatically save travel and accommodation costs as well as to increase the utilization of the inspectors.

Examples of implemented solutions

Platform for scheduling of vehicle routes for large food company able to plan routes for tens of trucks over thousands of places.

Algorithm for continuous production planning able to schedule in real time and integrate customer demand prediction.

Platform for daily scheduling of hundreds of inspectors for thousands of inspections with rich user interface and re-planning capabilities.

Optimization of production scheduling for a global manufacturer allowing to process significantly more orders and to increase the utilization of machines.

Software Development

We develop custom software for both small and large companies

We are following agile development practices and we adhere to the highest coding standards with a strict code review and test coverage. We deliver on time and we support frequent iterations with the client or software users. We help the clients to define their needs by suggesting requirements and often jointly preparing software specifications. We do integration tests on site and we provide support based on client needs.

Technologies used

Our software typically contains a module solving either a machine learning or an optimization problem described above. Typically, we are using Java / Scala stack. In case of prototyping, we heavily utilize Python and its numerous libraries. For frontend, we alternate between AngularJS and React. We have built a few Java desktop application with JavaFX frontend and for a Microsoft-locked customer, we developed a system in C# .NET. Deployment done both locally and in the cloud (AWS, IBM Bluemix).

Use case: Development of a software visualizing logistic routes with manual reconfiguration support

For Crocodille s.r.o., we have developed a Java application which made sense in a huge amount of logistic data stored in a database organically growing over many years. The users' requirement was a desktop application with rapid response, platform independence and a beautiful user interface. Java with JavaFX frontend allowed us to design custom controls for drill-down-based logistic process exploration and AI-aided optimization module was integrated to propose cost-efficient supply routes adhering to tight delivery constraints. Manual reconfiguration of the routes was made possible by advanced hint system providing the user with an instant response after each modification.

Examples of implemented solutions

Application for modeling illegal behavior in the maritime environment able to simulate behavior of drug traffickers.

Development of distributed data processing framework able to digest hundreds of gigabytes of data daily and execute a number of anomaly detection algorithms.

Implementation of a system reporting investment risk and investment opportunities to investment bankers. Built over macro-economic, technical and fundamental data.

Development of software platform able to enrich typical criminal data with external datasets and thus revealing patterns in crime.

About us

Blindspot Solutions was started in 2013 by professionals with a deep knowledge in software development of complex systems, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning. We started our company with the vision of developing software solutions helping companies to solve hard problems, typically requiring a unique insight into their data or solving a large optimization problem.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic. This gives us a unique opportunity to access the best talent in both computer science and business and grow our company at a steep rate while being close to many of our customers.

Ondřej Vaněk

Chief Executive Officer, Cofounder

Ondřej is an applied researcher focused on the state-of-the-art algorithms for strategic inspections and security where he applies latest results from game theory and mathematical optimization techniques to find optimal and easy-to-implement solutions.

Štěpán Kopřiva

Chief Technology Officer, Cofounder

Štěpán is an engineer and researcher with a broad experience in building diverse distributed systems ranging from air traffic control advisory tools to enterprise software. Štěpán was also part of the Java EE 7 development team while working for Oracle.

Michal Pěchouček

Chief Strategy Officer, Cofounder

Michal is a professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague with a deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Michal has a broad experience in leading highly technical research teams and in coaching start-up leadership.

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