Advanced video anayltics platforms help to observe not just anti-covid measures

Shops, branches, airports, offices, and other indoor spaces must adapt to the ever-changing conditions and measures related to covid-19. But there are technological solutions that monitor the allowed capacity of the space and the proper wearing of face masks. These solutions include our AI-powered intelligent video-analytics platform Macula.

Macula is a ready-to-use AI-powered real-time safety and security video analytics solution able to cover a wide range of safety and security scenarios as well as measurements of business performance. Be it fire and smoke detection, monitoring compliance with safety regulations, identifying suspiciously behaving customers, or utilization your local store. The installation can be done in only an hour.

The solution can be deployed in areas where a camera system is already used. "Because a camera system is often supervised by a person and must be monitored by up to twenty cameras, it is often not possible for people to monitor everything closely and effectively, for example, sixteen hours a day. So when something happens, for example, a health problem occurs, our Macula looks at the same records and alerts the security guards. It's software that doesn't get tired and not viewed while Facebook works," says Ondřej Vaněk, CEO of Blindspot. 

Thanks to the platform's capabilities, employees can work safely, customers can be more secure, and the company's business will fully utilize its premises. Macula can use cameras that are already in place and run fully offline. Hence the installation can be done in only an hour. No personal data is stored in any way, so Macula is fully GDPR compliant. "Blindspot, as a leading AI developer, has always been fully aware of our responsibility to balance security interests against personal rights and privacy. Hence, Macula has been specifically developed to be fully compliant with European privacy laws and certified accordingly," ensures CEO of Blindspot.

Since coronavirus occurrence, for example, there is a need to monitor the number of customers in the shops so that the allowed capacity is not exceeded. At the same time, companies need to watch and alert people who do not comply with government restrictions - for example, they do not have a face mask on their face or do not maintain sufficient social distance. Hence, we have modified our Macula, which has so far helped with security scenarios, to assist in times of pandemic. "We see that people take Macula's recommendations and put on a face mask, or they do not enter a store that already has a full capacity. Although to make it clear, Macula is mainly a recommendation and information solution to customers," explains Vaněk.

Nowadays, Macula helps stores, companies, and other businesses in the UAE, the Czech Republic, or Germany and can help worldwide. Solution pro-actively reminds people to wear a face mask, guards the safe-limit number of allowed people within your store or office, and personally prompts if someone violates anti-covid measures. "Across Germany, Macula helps many stores with capacity monitoring. The solution can easily replace the person standing at the entrance, and the company can save a significant amount in the magnitude of thousands of euros per month," Vaněk describes the situation in Germany.

Moreover, Macula provides a rich set of statistics to improve the efficiency of your operations and business performance. For example, Macula detects queues, provides demographics statistics, shows by which shelf your customers mostly often stop by, etc. Thus, the platform offers precious insight, and you can rearrange your stores or display the most attractive products. 

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