Effective and Secure Internal Data Handling with Generative AI? Blindspot Solutions Introduces the AskYourData Application

Up to 99% of companies are seriously considering increased use of generative AI in the next twelve months, with half of them aiming to build an internal knowledge base using it. This insight emerged from a survey conducted by Blindspot Solutions among large Czech companies spanning various business sectors.

The solution? AskYourData. The application uses internal data chosen by the company as its source of information. This data can include formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, web links, and database connections. Its advantage lies in its integration into the corporate cloud, such as SharePoint. Users will also appreciate that they can interact with the application using natural language, eliminating the need to learn programming languages for entering prompts.

“The application is suitable for both large corporations and medium-sized or smaller companies. It can process an extensive internal knowledge base. Users can simply ask it a question, and the virtual assistant generates an answer in the chat, similar to what ChatGPT does. Our application works on a similar principle. However, unlike ChatGPT, it exclusively operates with internal data, securely stored within the corporate environment,” says Blindspot Solutions CTO Štěpán Kopřiva.

AskYourData is transparent, secure, and does not send data outside the company’s environment

1. It does not work with open sources; it only works with internal data selected by the company.

2. For each retrieved piece of information, it provides the source, allowing users to immediately verify the relevance and accuracy of the result. This adds transparency that is lacking with OpenAI.

3. It is secure, built on Microsoft Azure cloud. Data is not sent outside the company.

4. The solution is configurable and customizable. It allows defining which employees have access to which corporate information.

5. It can adapt to the client’s needs and environment.

Companies see the potential of generative AI primarily in more efficient handling of internal data

Until now, ChatGPT has primarily been used by individuals. Approximately one-third of companies regulated its use with internal regulations or prohibitions. AskYourData brings a new secure way of working with corporate data.

So, what specific applications does the application bring? “Employees often work with a large volume of information, and not always efficiently. Internal knowledge bases remain underutilized and outdated, with best practices shared more in break rooms than collectively,” explains Štěpán Kopřiva.

AskYourData can serve internal needs within companies:

When employees need to quickly orient themselves in internal guidelines, manuals, license management, and contracts,

For example, when seeking answers on how to borrow a corporate car, request time off, or resolve specific requests.

AskYourData helps employees streamline work and enhance the customer experience

The application has a wide range of business applications. A typical use case is assisting consultants in finding precise information within a complex internal knowledge base and supporting salespeople.

saves time and costs associated with routine tasks.

The application’s use spans various industries, starting from manufacturing, banking, and financial institutions, legal firms, telecommunications, real estate, to providers of various services.

Doesn’t AskYourData take jobs away from people? “Quite the opposite. The job market will transform. Routine tasks such as research can be handled by generative AI. Employees can focus on value-added work and significantly improve areas like customer care, accelerate the preparation of business proposals, and quickly navigate complex issues,” adds Blindspot Solutions CTO Štěpán Kopřiva.

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