Businesses across all industries face anomalous trends, patterns, behaviors, and events in their processes, as well as the need to monitor and analyze them. Typically, it is done manually or based on a set of pre-defined rules. Such an approach identifies mostly known patterns with large volumes of irrelevant cases leaving hidden risks and unknown trends unspotted and unresolved.

Uncover hidden insights in real-time and surface anomalies with ADF (Anomaly Detection Framework) at its visual dashboard for further exploration. Our anomaly detection framework can detect anomalies in financial transactions, insurance claims, customer behavior, telecommunication data, and computer networks, and monitor your revenue or costs at the lowest granularity level. This framework is well suited for predictive maintenance, production or revenue monitoring, and any other complex systems or processes.


ADF processes a comprehensive set of time series and data clusters. Thanks to a wide range of algorithms that leverage statistical and machine learning methods, it can report significant outliers or clusters reported to the user. The user can give feedback to the system and thus regulate the number of anomalies received for analysis and teach the system what an anomaly is and what is not.


ADF is a modular and extensible system. Therefore, it is flexible and suitable for the different types of problems and anomalies you are identifying. We connect the platform to your reporting system and optionally customize the graphical user interface. The whole system is deployable by REST API, on-premises, in the cloud, or hosted.


The platform can detect outliers, anomalies, and unwanted behavior in large and complex data, such as computer network data or financial and audit data. ADF can detect novel cybersecurity threats or unknown malware types, find errors and unmatched records in financial transactions, and wade through company balance sheets to reveal emerging risks. This platform also improves the product quality and uptime of production lines. ADF analyses data from sensors on production lines, looking for early warnings leading to a potential malfunction.

Key numbers and benefits

Ability to detect anomalies in near real-time​

ADF reduces the time required to detect and resolve critical technical issues from days/hours to minutes/seconds.

Ability to process terabytes of data in parallel

The system enables you to scale up the inspection/audit process by orders of magnitude easily and quickly​.

Streamlining the inspection/audit workflow

ADF can do an automation of process inspection and issue detection within a matter of seconds. This leads to cost reductions.

Visualization and explanation of the problems detected​

The system keeps decision-makers, operators, and analysts, in charge and updated about all required data and information.

Addressable use cases


detection of anomalies in computer network data


detection of fraud and hidden risks in financial and audit data


improving quality of products and uptime of production lines

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